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Oscar Newman Mannequins

Oscar Newman dog mannequins are an elegant and chic way to display your merchandise. Unlike stuffed toys or any other dog mannequins available on the market, our mannequins are available in 5 actual life-like sizes, and are proportionately correct. They can wear any manufacture's apparel, collars, harnesses, jewelry, and accessories, including doggie shoes!


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Dog mannequins are essential for enhancing merchandise, making it easier for customers to visualize how apparel and accessories will look on their dog. Below are creative tips that will help you most effectively use dog mannequins in your display.
Use simple, elegantly designed display mannequins that will enhance your merchandise, rather than detract from it. For example, an endearing stuffed toy or a stuffed Golden Retriever wearing a crystal necklace with a pink tutu will distract your customers.
Use the various colors of your display mannequins to enhance your merchandise. For example:

Use a color that highlights a particular feature in a coat. In this example, the Caramel and Natural mannequins accentuate the leopard fur trim on the black faux leather coat. Also, the Ebony mannequin highlights the black and white leopard trim on the red leather coat.


Create contrast when displaying dark colored clothing. In this example, the Natural mannequin provides a striking contrast to the dark brown faux leather coat, drawing attention to the coat as well as bringing out the mother-of-pearl accents.
Use the various colors of your display mannequins to create a specific theme or mood. For example:
A light color palette creates a muted, soothing, and gentle quality. In this example, pastels or white on the Natural mannequin play up the sweet, soft look and feel of a "pampered precious".
     A bold, contrasting palette creates a stunning and sensational display. Bright colors, pastels, or white on the Ebony or Caramel mannequin creates a sophisticated and dramatic air perfect for a little "diva".

Create an entire look: Match elegant pearls with a sweater or coat, or add doggie shoes to create a glamorous ensemble.

Note: the shoes worn by this mannequin are by Little Lily.

    Create a striking display by using mannequins in various colors and sizes in a single grouping to display a single style that comes in multiple colors.
Create a focus by grouping together different products that come in the same color. For example, create an "all pink" presentation by displaying pink accessories, pet carriers, and apparel.

Changing your displays frequently by using a variety colors and combinations will keep your merchandise fresh and give your items a "new" look.

Using a large mannequin, or a large grouping of mannequins to create a magnificent and prominent window display is an elegant way to entice customers into your store.

A stylish, well thought out display will draw customers to your merchandise and increase sales. Experiment to get the look you want. Above all, have fun!

Size Topline
XXS fits 6-8 inches
XS fits 8-10 inches
S fits 10-12 inches
M fits 12-14 inches
L fits 14-16 inches

Size Height (top of head)
XXS 10"
XS 13"
S 16"
M 19"
L 22"
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